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America: What Went Wrong? -- An Interview with James Steele Social video: Advice for Investigative Journalists
Book release “Unbias the News” by Hostwriter & Correctiv Story: By Tanya Pampalone (English)
Bulletproofing Your StoryMaking Stories Ironclad & Bulletproof Line-by-Line, by Nils Hanson
Citizen InvestigatorsResource: Citizen Investigation Guide
Collaborating Across FieldsVideo: Charles Lewis, Peter Klein, Syed Nazakat, Deborah Nelson
Cross-Border Projects -- Global Collaborations6 Steps to Efficiently Coordinate Collaborations, by Paul RaduCollaboration In A Nutshell, by Boyoung Lim

Inside the Fake Science Factory, by Svea Eckert

Inside the #ImplantFiles, by Scilla Alecci

Deceptive Diplomacy, by Axel Gordh Humlesjö
Story: By Rowan Philp (English)

Video: Scilla Alecci, Paul Radu, Axel Gordh Humlesjö, Boyoung Lim, Svea Eckert
Cross-Border Projects -- Regional CollaborationsEuropean Investigative Collaborations, by Jörg Schmitt

Lessons From Asia, by Wahyu Dhyatmika
Cross-Border Projects -- The Reporters’ Perspective Setting Up or Joining A Cross-Border Project, by Minna Knus-Galán & Elena KuchStory: By Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder (English)
Editing the Investigative StoryPrecautions Editors Must Take, by Musikilu Mojeed

Crafting Investigative Reportage Into Dramatic Narratives, by Vinod K Jose
Editing For Better Narratives, by Vinod K JoseStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)
Exposing Child AbuseInstitutional Child Sexual Abuse in Australia, by Suzanne SmithThe Pathology of A Predator, by Suzanne SmithStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)

Social video: How to Cover Detention of Migrant Children

Social video: Communicating With Sexual Abuse Survivors

Video: Frauke Giebner, Martha Mendoza, Suzanne Smith
Exposing Extremists and Hate Groups Digital Security Checkup to Avoid Getting Doxxed, by Will CarlessFighting Against Hate, by Maria Eugenia Ludueña

The ISIS Files, by Axel Gordh Humlesjö
Fantastic Formulas to Filter Social MediaStory: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)
FOI & RTI WorldwideWalking the FOIA Beat, by Toby McIntosh

Eight Top Tips & Useful Resources, by Kevin Goldberg

Access to information: S17 case, by Amal Mekki
What the Interior Ministry Is Hiding, by Amal Mekki

Cross-Border FOI: The Implant Files Case, by Emilia Diaz-Struck
Resource: GIJN’s Guide to National Rules on Where Foreigners Can Make FOI Requests
GIJC Research Desk1. Research Resources & Databases
2. Research Plan for Investigative Projects
By Margot Williams
How Small Newsrooms Can Do Big Stories Small Newsrooms Can Dream Big, by Vinod JoseStory: By Leonie Kijewski (English)
How to Do Hard Stories on Soft Issues The Tricycle of Death Case Study, by Rosemary Nwaebuni
Human Rights at HomeForced Sterilization is Everywhere, by Mariko Tsuji
Investigating DisastersMethods, Techniques & Beyond, by Maurício AngeloLooking into the Mariana & Brumadinho mining disasters, by Maurício Angelo
Investigating DisinformationStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English), (中文)

Instagram tip cards: Ways to Avoid Amplifying Disinformation
Investigating in Closed & Captured States6 Tips to Face the Hardships, by Umar Cheema
Investigating in the Time of TrumpStory: By Rowan Philp (English)
Investigating Indigenous Community IssuesResource: GIJN/NAJA Guide for Indigenous Investigative Journalists

Social video: Reporting On, And Investigating Indigenous Community Issues

Video: Jan Gunnar Furuly, Allan Clarke, Connie Walker, Tristan Ahtone
Investigating Sexual HarassmentVideo: Claudine Blais, Shiori Ito, Pascale Mueller, Cecile Andrzejewski
Investigating War & ConflictCovering War Zones, by Christoph ReuterSystematic Killing of Detainees in Syria, by Ali Al Ibrahim
Keynote/Global Shining Light Awards Video: GSLA Finalists (Small/Medium Outlets)

Video: GSLA Finalists (Large Outlets)
Full Text: Maria Ressa’s Keynote (English), (Français), (Español)

Story: Maria Ressa on the Battle for Truth (English), (বাংলা), (Русский), by Gaelle Faure

Story: Investigations From Peru, Philippines, South Africa Win Global Shining Light Award (English), (中文), (Русский), by Gaelle Faure

Social video: How Social Media Changes the Journalism Landscape

Social video: Keynote/GSLA roundup

Video: Maria Ressa
Lightning Round: Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of The Dutertes: Wealth Reveal and Riddles, by Floreen SimonStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)
Lightning Round: New Digital ToolsJudgit Database on Government Expenditure, by Yuko Ryu & Yuichi YazakiRevealing Government Spending, by Yuko Ryu & Yuichi Yazaki
Lightning Round: Survival Strategies of Women Muckrakers Video: Martha Mendoza, Patricia Evangelista, Minna Knus-Galan, Marcela Turati, Miranda Patrucic, Juliane Löffler, Shiori Ito, Oriana Zill, Sheila Coronel, Asha Mwilu, Alejandra Xanic
Migration & Human TraffickingTrafficking in Persons, by Roli SrivastavaStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English)
Online Investigations: Social Media and Research Tools Story: By Rowan Philp (English), (中文)

Story: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)

Social video: Where to Start in Your Online Research
Plenary — The Challenges AheadStory: By Rowan Philp (English), (বাংলা)

Story: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (Español)

Instagram tip cards: 7 Challenges For Journalism Ahead

Video: Sheila Coronel, Zaffar Abbas, Reg Chua, Catherine Gicheru, Marina Walker Guevara, Drew Sullivan, Cordula Meyer
Quiztime: Test Your Verification Skills1. Verification Toolset
2. Verification Quiz Bot
By Quiztime
Hone Your Verification Skills, by Fiete Stegers, Julia Bayer, Sector 035 & Lisa Schwartz
Story-Based Inquiry1. Story-Based Inquiry: A Method Through the Madness
2. Scenario Example: Problem, Effects, Causes & Solutions
By Mark Lee Hunter & Luuk Sengers, with Marcus Lindemann
The ABCs of Investigative ReportingFinding Story Ideas, Gathering Documents & more, by Cheryl W. ThompsonSocial video: Essential Basics of Investigative Journalism
The Art of the Investigative Interview Story: By Brenna Daldorph (English), (বাংলা), (中文)

Video: Cheryl W. Thompson, Scott Zamost
The Changing Art of StorytellingStory: By Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder (English)

Video: Tanya Pampalone, Erlend Arntsen, Susanne Reber, Philip Faigle
Tracking Planes and ShipsFlights & Vessels Tracker, by Ivan AngelovskiMaking a Killing: The Saudi-Backed Pipeline, by Ivan Angelovski

Tracking Cargo and Ships, by Giannina Segnini
TV & Video Investigations (1)

TV & Video Investigations (2)
Top Tips On Investigative Television Interviews, by Oriana ZillThe Documentarian Approach to Investigative Video-Storytelling, by Stefanie Dodt
Verification & Fact-CheckingStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English)
Visual Forensics: 3D Reconstruction & In-Depth InvestigationVideo: Malachy Browne, Anjali Singhvi
When Banks Go BadMoney Laundering in The Biggest Ukrainian Bank, by Anna Babinets
When Autocrats Attack: Independent Media Under Fire

When Autocrats Attack: Responding to the New Threats
Emergency Protocol Case Study, by Ivan GolunovChina Investigative Journalism Overview, by Ying ChanStory: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (English), (Español)
Working with WhistleblowersStory: By Rowan Philp (English)
Workshop: Building Sensors Social video: How to Use Sensors for Reporting
Workshop: Mobile JournalismMOJO Unpacked ⁠— 20 Most Asked Questions, by Ivo Burum


Investigating China: Companies, Apps and People Corporate Records: China, HK, India, etc., by Patrick Boehler et al.
Investigating Supply ChainsBuilding A Database, by André Campos

Transparentem Desk Research Links for Investigating Forced Labour, by Tim Sandler
Workshop: Understanding Company Accounts for Journalists Following The Money, by Nick Mathiason

Crime & Corruption

Environmental Crime & Wildlife Smuggling Reporting on Animal Exploitation, by Natasha Daly
How to Investigate the Murder of Your Colleague Keeping Stories Alive, by Laurent Richard

Steps in Investigating Pavel's Murder, by Anna Babinets
Investigating Mass KillingsStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English), (العربية)

Instagram tip cards: How to Protect Your Team
Investigating Criminal Networks Story: By Leonie Kijewski (English)

Story: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)

Instagram tip cards: How to Protect Yourself & Keep Safe

Video: Fouad Youcefi, Cecilia Anesi, Giulio Rubino, Yassin Musharbash, Stevan Dojcinovic, Karen Greenaway
Public Works, Public Corruption: Investigating Government Contracting Tipsheet 1: Public Works
Tipsheet 2: Emergency Procurement
Tipsheet 3: Vetting Contractors
By Karol Ilagan

Lead Generation for Stories on State Procurement Corruption, by Rinat Tuhvatshin
Tip-offs, Tricks of the Trade, Tons of Data, by Karol Ilagan

Digging Into Public Procurement to Unveil Corruption, by Eva Belmonte

Making Sense of Procurement, by Rinat Tuhvatshin

Public Disservice, by Joy Kirigia
Consolidated tipsheets & presentations: Joy Kirigia, Rinat Tuhvatshin, Karol Ilagan, Eva Belmonte

Instagram tip cards: How to Spot Red Flags in Government Procurement & Bidding
The Criminal Services Industry Story: By Megan Clement (English), (Русский)

Video: David Kaplan, Miranda Patrucic, David Cay Johnston, Juliette Garside
When the State Murders: Exposing Extrajudicial KillingStory: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (Español)


10 Ways to Use AI In Investigative JournalismApplications of AI in Newsrooms, by Paul BradshawStory: By Leonie Kijewski (English), (中文)
Gathering and Analyzing Ship and Plane Data Using SQL and PythonTracking Boats and Planes, by Jelter Meers
Editing the Data StoryData Editorial Process, by Emilia Diaz-Struck
Introduction to AI and Machine LearningMachine Learning & Investigative Reporting, by Emilia Diaz-Struck
Investigating AlgorithmsAlgorithmic Accountability Reporting, by Nicholas Diakopoulos, Christina Elmer & Uli Koeppen
Latest Trends in Data JournalismLatest Data Journalism Trends From AI to Sensor Journalism, by Sarah Cohen, Brant Houston & Jennifer LaFleurStory: By Jelter Meers (English), (Français)
Making Big Numbers MeaningfulNumbers Helper, by David Cay Johnston
Making Truthful MapsVisualizing Data On Maps Truthfully, by Inga Schlegel & Johannes Kröger
Mapping with QGIS -- Class 1

Mapping with QGIS -- Class 2
QGIS Mapping Tutorial 1
QGIS Mapping Tutorial 2
By Claus Hesseling
Nerds in Disguise: How to Structure and Share a Data-Driven InvestigationStructuring & Sharing Data Investigations, by Marcel Pauly & Patrick Stotz
Social Network Analysis NodeXL (Class 1) (Class 2)1. NodeXL Tutorial Session 1
2. NodeXL Tutorial Session 2
By Harald Meier
SQL Database ManagerSQL (Part 1)
SQL (Part 2)
SQL (Part 3)
By Jodi Upton, Crina Boros & Helena Bengtsson
Searching the Deep WebFinding and Using databases, by Albrecht UdeResearching the Deep Web - Finding and Using Databases, by Albrecht UdeStory: By Leonie Kijewski (English), (العربية), (中文), (Русский)

Social video: Digging into the Deep Web
Statistics: Basic & AdvancedStatistics Training Materials, by Jennifer LaFleur
Stories from the Command LineKnowing Your Way Around The Command Line, by Max HarlowStory: By Jelter Meers (English)
Teaching Data JournalismMore Effective Teaching of Data Journalism to Working Journalists, by Kuang Keng Kuek Ser

Lessons from 30 Years Of Teaching Journalists Data Journalism, by Brant Houston

Teach Computational Thinking, Not Just Spreadsheets or Coding, by Paul Bradshaw
The Year In Data JournalismThe Year of The Dead, Health & Crime, by Giannina SegniniVideo: John Bones, Alastair Otter, Giannina Segnini
Using Data in Small NewsroomsHow to Do #ddj with A Small Newsroom & Limited Budget, by Pinar Dag
Using Reverse-Engineering to Unravel CodeReverse Engineering Step by Step, by Felix Ebert, Vanessa Wormer, Thorsten Holz & Hakan Tanriverdi
Using Tableau Tableau Quick Guide
1. Getting Around Spreadsheets
2. Sorting
3. Text files & Importing into Excel
By Denise Malan


Investigative Stories with User-Generated ContentHow to Get a Story Just from User-Generated Content, by Purity MukamiStory: By Charlotte Alfred (English)
The Investigative PodcastStory: By Brenna Daldorph (English)

Social video: Key Ingredients for A Good Podcast
Workshop: Investigative Audio: Turn Your Project into a Radio Documentary or Podcast The Magic of Audio, by Sandra Bartlett & Citra Prastuti


Climate Change: Strategies for InvestigationReporting on Climate Change Impact in Africa, by Madeleine Ngeunga

Results Oriented Climate Change Reporting, by Eduardo Franco Berton
Story: By Megan Clement (English)

Video: Deborah Nelson, James Fahn, Medeleine Ngeunga, Eduardo Franco Berton, Amund Trellevik
Climate Change: What Lies AheadVideo: James Fahn, Martha Mendoza, Laurent Richard, Fabiano Maisonnave
Digging into Food & AgriculturePigs, Pesos, and Rivers, by Floreen Simon

Tracking one million salmonella-infected chickens, by André Campos

How We Got The Stories That Matter , by Madlen Davies
Digging into the Extractives IndustryWhat's behind the story? Multinationals, people, causes & more, by Maurício Angelo

Finding Data & Tracking the Cash Flow, by Kwetey Nartey

Investigating the Allocation of Resource Rights, by Asmara Klein
Overview on Brazil Mining & Vale, by Maurício Angelo

How we investigate extractive industries in Latin America? , by Milagros Salazar Herrera
Story: By Leonie Kijewski (English)
Investigating Natural Resources: Water, Timber1. Investigating Land Deals
2. Investigating Land Deals (Bahasa Indonesia)
By Tom Johnson

Investigating Licensed Plunders, by Estacio Valoi

Exiled Media

How to Broadcast & Publish from Exile Practice of Journalism in Exile, by Ines Gakiza

Health & Medicine

CFI Meeting: Investigative Journalism on HealthSources & Tools to Investigate the Health Industry (In French), by collective speakersEnqueter sur le secteur de la sante en Tunisie (in French), by Hanene Zbiss

Evidence Based Medicine (in French), by Serena Tinari
Inside the Pharmaceutical IndustryReporting on Rx Manufacturing Fraud, by Katherine Eban
Investigating Health and Medicine – Tips & Techniques (1) How to Find Medical Data, by Christian Baars

Health Resources Tipsheet, by Serena Tinari
Germany's Implant Files, by Christian Baars

Investigating Health via A Cross-Border Network, by Fabiola Torres

Investigating & Mapping Health Affairs, by Serena Tinari
Story: By Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder (English), (中文)

Instagram tip cards: 4 Ways to Find Leads for Medical Stories
Investigating Health and Medicine – Tips & Techniques (2) Health Reporting Data, by Roli Srivastava

Health Databases & Resources, by Angela Bernardo
Investigating Big Pharma, by Angela BernardoVideo: Thomas Abraham, Roli Srivastava, Hristio Boytchev, Angela Bernardo

Nonprofits & New Models

Building A Membership Social video: Key Considerations for Membership-based Media

Video: Günter Bartsch, Alon Aviram, Emily Goligoski, Milagros Salazar, Andrew Ong
Fundraising Tips & ToolsFundraising Research Resources, by Bridget GallagherSocial video: Proactive Tips to Find Funding
Innovative Nonprofits: What We Can Learn from Each OtherA Public-Service Business Model, by Monika Bauerlein

Generating Revenue from Documentary Films, by Yong-jin Kim

What Newsrooms Can Achieve With Collaboration, by Oliver Schröm
Making Investigative News Outlets Sustainable Key to Media Survival, by Musikilu Mojeed

Dos & Donts for Viable Investigative Journalism, by Nadine Jurrat
Money, Audiences & Commerce (closed workshop)Crowdfunding Investigative Journalism, by Tamas BodokyCrowdfunding Investigative Journalism in the Era of Illiberal Democracy, by Tamas Bodoky
Nonprofits & New Models: Best PracticesFighting for Survival, by Anya Schriffin
The Business of FreelancingInstagram tip cards: How to Make A Living As A Freelance Investigative Journalist

Safety & Security

Dealing with Online Harassment and AttacksStory: By Megan Clement (English)
Dealing with TraumaStory: By Catalina Lobo-Guerrero (Español)
Digital Security CafeDigital Security Training for Activists and Journalists, by TotemSocial video: Improving Your Digital Security
Digital Security: Essential StepsDigital Security for Beginners, by Olaya ArguesoFirst Steps to Digital Security, by Olaya Argueso
Frontline Europe - Resilience & Reporting in times of threat (Dart Center)Story: By Olga Simanovych (Русский)
Listen to the Lawyers: Strategies for Legal Battle Legal Threats & Strategies For Every Stage of the Story

Case Links
By Lucy Freeman
Story: By Leonie Kijewski (English)

Video: Lucy Freeman, Doreen Weisenhaus, Emmanuel Vargas Penagos, Galina Arapova
Platforms for Transparency: FOIA Sites & Secure DropsVideo: Cecil Rosner, Michael Morisy, Jennifer Helsby, Eni Mulia
Workshop: Physical Safety & SurveillanceStory: By Katya Kapliuk (Русский)


All the research papers selected for GIJC19 can be found here.

Arab Perceptions of Investigative Journalism/Changing Trends of Investigative Journalism in Nigerian Print MediaRelationship of Investigative Journalism with Arab Citizens, by Ahmed Makharesh
Boundaries of Investigative Journalism: Sources and Professional Commitment As Key Criteria/New Roles for Investigative JournalistsHow the New Media Environment Impacts Work Practices, by Julia Herrnböck

Sources and Professional Commitment as Key Criteria, by Lena Wuergler & Pauline Cancela
Crossborder Journalism Education/Cross-Border Non-Profit Investigative Journalism Networks: A Structural AnalysisTaking Stock of Cross-Border Journalism Education, by Brigitte Alfter, Jenny Wiik & Mark Deuze
Digital Security Act- 2018 of Bangladesh/How Data Journalism Can Help Indian Investigative JournalistsThe Aftermath of Bangladesh's Digital Security Act enactment, by Priyanka Kundu

Challenges to Investigative Journalism in India, by Ashwin Ahmad
From Freedom to Fear in Bangladesh, by Priyanka Kundu

How data journalism can help Indian journalists regain lost ground, by Ashwin Ahmad
Lessons from Training Citizen Investigators/Faculty-Led Student Reporting Labs Training local citizens in investigative journalism, by Sarah Cheverton"We Became A Community", by Sarah Cheverton

College students creating high-end journalism without high-end legal protection, by Frank LoMonte
Periodistas de a Pie: A Truth Production Framework for Mexican Media/Are “Data Journalism Trainings” Effective in Building Participatory Journalism?Surveying Participatory Journalism Using Data Training, by Yunus Erduran & Timur Demirkiran
Teaching Investigative Reporting - Roundtable A Comprehensive Curriculum Based on the ARIJ Method, by Mark Lee Hunter & Luuk Sengers, with Marcus LindemannStory: By Megan Clement (English), (বাংলা), (Español)
Under-reported Challenges of Investigative Reporting in FATA ConflictChallenges of Investigative Reporting in FATA Conflict, by Salman Danish

Impediments to Investigative Reporting in FATA Conflict, by Shaista Malik
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