GIJC19: The Program

Welcome to #GIJC19! Get ready for an extraordinary event. This is our 11th global conference and we expect over 1,600 journalists from 130 countries.

Attendees: Download the Whova app on your phone (for iOS or Android) to personalize your schedule. Those without iOS and Android phones, you can still set your schedule on a desktop here. Regardless if you are accessing Whova via desktop or phone, all attendees have to be registered on Eventbrite and sign up with the same email to have access.

And be sure to follow the action on Twitter with our hashtag #GIJC19.

We have nearly 250 panels, workshops and special events. Remember that our conferences are huge training events. Think of it as a giant buffet, not a sit-down dinner — you are welcome to come in, have a listen, and then check out another session. You are welcome to come and go. Also, don’t miss our networking sessions, which are informal meet-ups to introduce yourself, brainstorm and collaborate.

Be aware that some sessions are in relatively small rooms and they will fill up quickly. Most sessions are first-come, first-serve. That means people who arrive first will get seats. Adding a session to your schedule does not guarantee you a place. Some data sessions and workshops require advance sign-up — please note those.

Above all, thanks for coming and have a great time. These conferences have produced awesome startups, extraordinary collaborations, and headline-making stories — and we expect no less from #GIJC19!


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