GIJC19: The Program

Welcome to #GIJC19! Get ready for an extraordinary event. This is our 11th global conference and we expect over a thousand journalists from 130 countries.

GIJCs are famous for being designed by journalists for journalists. Think of the event as a giant training camp, focused on practical, advanced reporting techniques. Our speakers are the best in the business — winners of the Pulitzer Prize and other top awards, pioneers of data journalism, and fearless investigators who have exposed corruption and abuses of power almost everywhere.

Check back later for the full program, but here’s a sneak preview of what we’re planning:

  • Over 150 panels, workshops and special sessions on all aspects of investigative and data journalism;
  • A robust data track, with dozens of sessions ranging from analyzing, visualizing and mapping to basic spreadsheets and scraping, with data labs, how-to seminars, and mentoring;
  • Experts on using satellite imagery, forensic video analysis, sensor deployment, going undercover, and going mobile;
  • New online research techniques to track people, companies and money around the world;
  • The latest on cross-border collaborations, local reporting, verification techniques, covering the environment, religion and conflict, health, crime and corruption;
  • Networking meet-ups on a dozen topics, where you can brainstorm, collaborate and get inspired;
  • A track on business survival strategies: new models and nonprofits, revenue diversification, freelance tips, fundraising advice, and more;
  • A broadcast track: going from print to video; documentaries; investigative radio and podcasts.
  • Workshops for journalists from exiled media, indigenous communities, and citizen investigators;
  • A legal clinic, a digital safety clinic, and expert advice on protecting yourself from harassment online and off.
  • An academic track for professors and scholars, with new papers and talks on the latest trends, challenges and best practices.

And, of course, some of the best action will take place in the hallways and the bars, where you just might find the next Panama Papers being planned. There’s a reason journalists call our conferences “The World Expo of Muckraking.”

We’ll see you in Hamburg!