Our official #GIJC19 photos, taken by Nick Jaussi, Raphael Hünerfauth, and Nina Weymann Schulz, are uploaded on GIJN’s Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourselves in them. There are some restrictions around usage of the photos for digital and print publication, though we do have specific images available free of charge for that use, with credit to the photographer/s. Please email to ask. Click on the links below to access the albums.
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Local Information

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Germany’s currency is the euro. One euro is divided into 100 cents. 1 euro = 1.14 US dollar / 1 US dollar = 0.87 euro

(You can search Google for the current exchange rate: for example, type “100 EUR in ZAR” to get the exchange rate for South African Rand.)

At Hamburg airport you can find cash points/ATMs of reliable banks, for example Hamburger Volksbank, Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) and Deutsche Bank. See the map on the airport’s website (click on “Service” to find the ATMs). The nearest ATM to HafenCity University is located in the branch of Hamburger Sparkasse (Hapsa), Überseeboulevard 5 (see Google Maps).


Meet your next partner-in-crime in Hamburg… We know how important networking is during these intense days, so there’ll be plenty of chances to do so. There are receptions and happy hours, lengthy half-hour breaks between panels, and nearly a dozen “meet-ups” for journalists interested in specific topics to get acquainted and share ideas, sources, and stories. Follow the conference and get messages to your colleagues using the hashtag #GIJC19. Sign up on our online app Whova to arrange your schedule and see who’s here.


With over 12 million overnight stays, Hamburg is a popular city for guests from all over the world. Hamburg is a safe and free place for both residents and tourists. It offers a high standard of security infrastructure and everyone can be sure to be well-taken care of in case of emergencies. Nevertheless, as in all bigger cities, it is recommended to remain vigilant in the city centre, especially at night and in areas like the main station. It is necessary to pay attention to valuables and act responsibly at all times.